Author: Bernard Sutton

When Can a Lawyer Be Disbarred From Practicing?

Practicing law takes years in education and passing a series of rigorous examinations and assessments along the way. Having invested all that time and effort before earning a license to practice and scoring a role with a firm, how could any professional end up facing disbarment?   The reality is that the role of a […]

What Are The Universal Legal Rights Every Citizen Has?

Every citizen across the world is protected in some degree thanks to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following the Second World War, this document was delivered by the General Assembly in 1948 and as such, no matter who you are or where you happen to be traveling across the world, you are protected. Global […]

Points To Consider If Representing Yourself in Court

Each and every citizen has the right to an attorney in a court of law. This is a fundamental element that is true of democratic nations who are symbols of justice, yet this is a right that some individuals believe will hamper their case.   They are rare occurrences, yet there are moments when a […]

Other Professions That Lawyers Would Be Suitable For

If you are a studied and practiced lawyer who simply cannot find enough job satisfaction or a role at a firm that fits your expertise, then perhaps a switch in profession could be the ideal scenario?   Having jumped through the necessary hoops at university and undertaken the bar exam, many professionals believe that a […]

Instances When An Employee Can Sue An Employer

Battles between employees and employers are never pleasant experiences. This is particularly the case when courts and lawyers enter the scenario as legal conflicts only extend the anguish for both parties.   Yet there are certain rights and responsibilities that have to be respected and recognised in the workplace. Should an employee seek legal representation […]

How Lawyers Can Combat a Negative Public Reputation

Negative public perceptions of lawyers are real and they are persistent. Even if a representative from a reputable law firm attempts to argue the point, they cannot avoid the fact that solicitors come with serious baggage in the view of wider society.   So what is the solution? Is it possible to bury your head […]