Congratulations on your engagement – Have you booked in the photographer yet?

If you are an organised soon-to-be bride, you are already thinking of how you want your photos to be captured, sometimes even before the ring is placed onto your finger.

Your wedding is considered as one of the biggest days in your life. The perfect photos will help capture the happy memories for many years, well after the celebrations have ended.

The Pressure of the Process

Finding a good wedding photography Sydney expert is a big step – Possibly just as big as the proposal itself.

Sure, if you search online you will come across hundreds, or even thousands, of perfectly fine options, then why is it so difficult to just choose one.

With such an overwhelming selection, how do you ensure that the choice you make is the right one, and at a budget that the happy couple can afford – That’s a lot of pressure.

The best thing to do is shortlist photographers by your local area, then take the time to look over their websites, browse photo galleries and read testimonials to find the one that stands out. You may also be lucky enough to have a friend or relative recommend the photographer that they used on their wedding day.

The Wedding Photographer Population in Sydney

There is a largely populated number of wedding photography Sydney experts – But are they available?

After announcing the news of your engagement and making all the important social media posts. You can now start thinking about the date of the wedding, usually based on a couple’s first date, or on that special moment you made it Facebook official.

The smarter couple will set the occasion around a public holiday, which ensures the time off work every year to celebrate their anniversary. Cross your fingers that the photographer you wanted has that day free, if yes, it’s time to quickly send out the save the date cards.

The Guide to a Sydney Brides Wedding Checklist

wedding photography Sydney expert

Couples will love the organisation of a list and begin to create an extensive directory of things to do. The reception venue, church, guest list, invitations, cake, flowers, wedding favors, honeymoon, hair, makeup, and of course the dress – that should be listed first.

In any wedding to-do list, locking in the photographer is one of the first things to check off. In most cases, this is even done a year in advance, along with the church and venue.

Setting the Magic Moments for your Wedding

It’s time to have that critical discussion with your partner to try and agree on a wedding theme, this could take hours, days, or a few weeks, but once the decision has been made, this will set the scene for your Sydney wedding, to provide the basis for every other bridal element for your wedding day.

With the theme in place, this will help give your photographer a better understanding of how to capture the day, in a way you have always imagined it to be.

Your wedding photography Sydney expert should outline a few key points with you, such as the setting for those magical moments and of course the best poses for the camera.

The Wedding Photography Bridal Books are a Perfect Keepsake

After all, that money has been spent for your one big day – You want to remember it.

With the wedding day over and you have returned from the honeymoon, looking a bit more tanned and hopefully a lot more relaxed, you can finally sit down with your wedding photographer to create the wedding albums.

Usually, these bridal books are given as gifts to each set of the parents of the couple. With one copy for the newlyweds as a beautiful keepsake to hold their special wedding memories.

The pages should feature photo favourites of the day, with a variety of styles to choose from, such as traditional, creative, or modern layouts. A mixture of natural and formal image selections is typically the best way to remember the occasion for decades to come.