Negative public perceptions of lawyers are real and they are persistent. Even if a representative from a reputable law firm attempts to argue the point, they cannot avoid the fact that solicitors come with serious baggage in the view of wider society.


So what is the solution? Is it possible to bury your head in the sand and hope that the problem will disappear?


There are opinions that continually earn credibility that speak to a lawyer’s desire to earn income rather than win, to always be on their own agenda and to have beneficial relationships with private companies rather than their local communities.


Well there is no surefire way to diminish this image completely when it comes to lawyers and the general public, but for the sake of PR and their wider perception, there are proactive steps that can be taken to promote a more positive image that is truthful to themselves and the firm they are working for.


So what are they exactly? Here we will discuss some strategies to help the image of lawyers and to perhaps build some trust between themselves and their constituents.

Be Visible


More visibility from lawyers – is that our solution? Well hear us out. There are different forms of visibility. One is to simply market your own wares and to showcase how good you think you are. The other is to be out there in the public – from flyers to billboards, radio interviews, community functions and town halls where you can promote your core values and what you are striving to achieve in the name of justice.

Be Transparent and Forthright


Open up a dialogue with people and put your cards out there on the table. Illustrate that you have taken on big business and clients with bigger means to stand up for what is right. There is also a need not to cower to negative publicity and standing up for your own reputation is imperative when these moments come along, either via online reviews or in real life.

Take on Pro Bono Cases


Pro bono cases are taken on for the sake of the community where those clients that cannot afford to defend themselves are given a voice. This is a great means of actually giving something back for the public good, an exercise that is right to do morally but also a healthy option to take for the sake of combating a negative PR perception out there.